HiPath HG 1500 V3.0

Voice data in IP network systems for the HiPath 3000 and HiPath 5000 SMG RSM

Multimedia communication in mid-size companies - HiPath HG 1500 amending Council communication systems HiPath 3000 and HiPath 5000 communication server on the LAN and allows direct connection to the local Ethernet (10/100MB) to the system. It offers both PC and use local data network for voice, fax and data communications. HiPath HG 1500 supports standardized voice communication over IP networks - VoIP.

HG 1500 V3.0 HG 1500 V3.0
audio codecs - SIP, G.711, G.729ab, G723.1
VPN - IPSec encryption
LAN connection - LAN via ISDN
remote access to LAN
ISDN telematic services for faxing and file transfers
internet access via ISDN
CTI services through Smartsetu or TAPI
subscriber IP Communications
optiClient 130 - telephone system device to PC
support SIP Communications