Camera systems are becoming more frequent complement to our lives. In the domestic environment are used to monitor events in the house and its surroundings. Where to watch the events in those zones such. monitoring of young children, garden, entrance to the house, garage ... Scanned image is transmitted to the TV or recording equipment / digital video recorder, computer /.


For corporate use, eg for constant supervision. parking lot, garage, reception, lobby, production and storage are the cameras placed higher demands, both from the standpoint taken by the image operation in low light conditions, as well as requests for subsequent processing of video and notice how the movement in the monitored zones.

CCTV cameras

CCTV, closed circuit television - closed (internal) circuit television, or even industrial television (PTV).
These cameras can be found wherever it is necessary to ensure effective surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of particular events, either real time or archived.

IP cameras

IP cameras, network cameras are universally controlled by modern audio and video technologies. Built-in Web server gives users a clear and simple interface for camera control and enables remote access.